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I will be going ahead and posting more for Svalna’s Skripi. Part 2 should be up by the end of the week, so keep an eye out for it.

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Svalna’s Skrípi

Fading daylight glinted off dead emerald eyes as a head went soaring through the air, followed by golden locks and a tail of crimson blood. As the body slumped to the ground, the only other figure on the small island fell down to its knees, too exhausted to remain standing any longer. The scale mail clad figure sat for a moment, breathing heavily, then struggled to get up off their knees and stumble down to the nearby river.

Kneeling down on the banks, the figure looked down into the river and could see nothing but red. It took the helm from its head and dipped it into the river, scooping up water and upended the helm over its head, washing the blood out of its black curly hair. Now that the blood was washed away, it looked down into the river again to see a woman staring back. Her midnight blue eyes almost looked black in the fading light. She scooped a hand down into the water and raised it to her dark pink, almost red, lips and drank. Taking a closer look at herself, down her slightly crooked nose, she saw a small cut on her cheek. She gave herself one of her patented crooked smiles, stood up and looked around for a suitable spot to light a fire for the night. There was no need to hide the fire, they never came at night.

Finding a spot not far away with a berry bush, she trekked over and tossed her helm and equipment onto the soft bed of grass. Her dagger landed on top of the pile and she glanced down, as she always did, at the script on the scabbard. For the moon of my life, Svalna. A small crooked smile crept onto her face, but didn’t quite match the sad look in her eyes. Focusing back on the task at hand Svalna went about looking for wood for the fire, there was a copse of trees not far off that looked promising, maybe she could catch a rabbit or two while she was at it.

After she had sucked all the meat off of the bones of the one rabbit she had managed to catch in a snare, Svalna lay back and looked up into the sky. There were less stars in the sky than before, it was something she hadn’t noticed at first, but after her first month she started to notice that there were a couple of constellations missing from the sky. Now there were hardly any lights left , and she swore the moon was getting smaller these past few weeks. Svalna had been trapped on this island for months now; she wasn’t really quite sure how long it had actually been, after the first month she just stopped keeping count. Besides there were more important things to worry about, such as the appearance of these beings every morning. She doused the fire and lay her head on her cloak and slowly drifted off to sleep, and dreamt of everything that had happened since she arrived.

The first morning she woke up on the island she had been assaulted by a band of goblins, they were easy enough to handle, it had taken her all of about three minutes to dispatch the five of them. This continued for the first few days ,then one morning when the goblins attacked there was a hobgoblin with them. It put up more of a fight than the others but it still wasn’t much of a challenge, and the fight was over in five minutes, leaving her a little out of breath. The next morning when they returned and she had killed the four goblins she took a closer look at the hobgoblin, and something felt familiar about it. After the short fight was over she knelt next to it and took a closer look, there was a brand on its arm, a slave brand used by the armies of Idra, the goddess of vengeance. Upon finding the mark on the arm, Svalna jolted upright and backed away from the body, she quickly looked over the others and found no such marks on them. With a sigh of relief she went back to searching the island.

After about a week and a half she had searched the entire island and found nothing except a few rivers that were barely more than creeks, berries, and rabbits. The odd thing was though, that was all she had found…there were no signs of where her attackers were coming from. Which at that point numbered two human brigands and three hobgoblins all of whom bore the same brand. She thought she had figured out what was happening on this island but wasn’t quite sure yet. Then a couple of weeks later, her worst fears were confirmed.

Svalna had spent the night in the cover of a bluff on the northern beach of the island, when she was awoken by the roaring blast of a dragon’s cry. She jolted awake and looked to the sky to see a blue dragon carrying an armored figure descending from the sky. The rest of the beach was clear, so Svalna focused her attention on the figure making its way to the ground. The dragon landed on the beach gusting sand out with each beat of its wings, it held its horned head up high and released a gout of blue flame in the air, bringing about an unnatural chill. After the air settled, the figure stepped off the back of the dragon and removed his helmet to reveal brown eyes surrounded by ebony skin.

“Hello Svalna,” he said in a deep rumbling bass. “I am guessing you thought you would never see me again, huh?” His eyes sparkled with cruel intent and his mouth split into a predatory grin, revealing perfectly white teeth.

“Fatih.” The name escaped from her lips, barely more than a whisper…

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So, two things.

First, sorry I haven’t posted any short stories yet. I will be going home and writing one as soon as I can.

Second, sorry this post took so long.

Probably should have lead with the second post first…oh well!

Am I doing this right?

You know, at least for me, coming up with a world and the things you want in it is the easy part when it comes to writing. I named my world, came up with a plot, made a magic system, figured out the main characters name, and countless other things. I have multiple scenes all figured out, so basically the book is already written is what I am saying, it is just the little interludes I can’t get figured out. Thing’s like, how to get him from point A to B, how to introduce the magic, and countless other nuances. I have read about 500 fantasy books from multiple authors in multiple genres and this is something I still struggle with, you just want to get to the next big thing so badly! You think about it non stop and you want others to feel the way you did when you were plotting it! Oh well, back to work I guess.

Hello world!

Hello everyone! Just a quick intro before I head out and procrastinate with my artist, and best friend, Ben. This page is going to be a site where I will post updates for whatever project(s) I am working on, don’t worry, they will be put up on Facebook too. Right now the world I’m working with I have decided to name Lorandis, hence the name. I will be posting short stories, pieces I want opinions on, artwork from Ben, and tidbits I think people will appreciate! That’s all for now, now onto procrastination (also to commission a background and banner from Ben)!